Many new immigrants are looking for ways to bring their family to the US or keep their family member in the US.  We are helping many people to do just that by petitioning for family members, getting their green cards or applying for citizenship.

Our firm represents clients throughout the United States and worldwide on complex immigration cases.  We provide legal services to clients from the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, Africa, and many other countries from around the world.  We are a full service immigration and nationality law practice located in the north Bronx.

When you make an appointment with our office we will:

  • Assess what your options are
  • Determine what your strategy should be
  • Develop a plan to achieve your immigration goals
  • Help you to implement that plan by representing you in front of USCIS or the court system

Please browse this web site for detailed information on how you can be successful with your immigration case.  And make sure you get our free Immigration Book!


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