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Filing for citizenship with USCIS can be fairly simple.  The N-400 is a 10 page form with many questions for you to answer.  After you fill in the form you'll file it with your supporting documents and your filing fee, then wait for a biometrics appointment.  After biometrics, you may be studying for several months while you wait to take the test.  If you meet all of the requirements for naturalization and have studied for the test, you should have no problem meeting all of the requirements to become a citizen of the United States.  


This guide helps you through the citizenship process by explaining the purpose of each of the sections and telling you what documents to attach.  It also includes tips for the actual interview. 

Check out a sample of the guide here


Remember:  If your case is complicated (for ex., you haven't paid taxes in a few years, there were problems with how you initially received your green card, you have a criminal history, you owe child support, etc) you should consult with an immigration lawyer before filing any paperwork with USCIS.

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